Jesse and Bethany

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Our Story

One very ordinary day, Jesse missed his flight and Bethany was late picking up her sister Abbie from the airport. Jesse and Abbie happened to sit by each other in the airport coffee shop and struck up a conversation. Abbie sensed that this friendly country boy with a green suitcase should meet her sister.

Three months later, Abbie messaged Jesse, having successfully found him on Facebook. "Hi. Remember me? I still think you should talk to my sister. Here's how to contact her." (paraphrase)

Jesse finally sent the first message and a photo: "Hi. My name is Jesse, and this is my dog Mellie." (exact quote)

From there, a very just-right friendship sparked. They talked about books, thrift stores, carpentry, trees, movies, songs, mountains, and more. In a scary move for them both, they called each other on the phone...and talked for four hours until Verizon cut them off.

Three weeks later, at a little breakfast diner in Vancouver, they met for the first time. It felt like a reunion. Jesse stopped long his drive to pick flowers. Bethany put cream AND lemon in her tea because she was nervous. They drove Jesse's truck around a town neither of them knew and found some swings. They skipped rocks and forgot to eat dinner. They held hands and watched the sunset as their breakfast date lasted until 10 pm.

Dating was fun. They learned, healed, and grew together. They frequently drove long distances for each other, meeting halfway for short mid-week dates.

In September, Jesse told Bethany he was taking her on a surprise trip. Ever a lover of surprises, Bethany thought she was ready for anything.

Jesse drove her to the airport. When an unsuspecting TSA agent revealed to Bethany the destination on her boarding pass (Kona, Hawaii) she had a small meltdown in the middle of the security line (in a good way).

The next morning, on a secluded beach in Hawaii, Jesse asked Bethany to marry him and she said yes.

Now, finally, they are getting married in Vancouver, Washington, on the very site where they had their first date.


We were born one day apart. Looking back on each of our lives thus far, we have seen how God loved, guided, disciplined, and shaped us for His purposes - and into two people who were ready to love each other and serve Him together.

We are so thankful that God has brought us together. And we are thankful that you are part of our lives!

Love, Jesse and Bethany
Susan Moyal